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Host an Intern

Washington, DC students need preparation to access our region’s dynamic technology careers. We inspire and prepare students for these careers through internships with Accenture, Enlightened, Girls Who Code, federal agencies and many other tech employers. 


Read through our  Internship Program Overview and scroll below for FAQ's and Intern Skills.

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Click below to download our Employer Flyer!

By hosting On-Ramps interns, you can:

  • Develop enthusiastic, local STEM employees with fresh foundational skills in computer science, networking, engineering or digital-media.

  • Visibly inspire underrepresented students to follow STEM careers.

  • Improve morale, mentoring and leadership skills among participating staff.

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  • Who are potential interns?
    Motivated high school student in one of DC’s leading STEM schools Two years of study in networking, computer programming, engineering or digital media Completed an application, selection and training process, including recommendations Demonstrated employability skills like teamwork, professionalism, and problem solving
  • What support will On-Ramps & the school provide?
    Screen and select candidate interns to match your priorities Assist you with setting learning objectives and on request provide guidance for coaching young people in the workplace Support the intern with another adult mentor or intern success workshops outside the workplace Visit the site and provide support to the supervisor and student intern through phone, email or in person visits
  • How are interns paid?
    There are several options for compensating the interns:  Select an On-Ramps intern enrolled in the DC Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP).  On-Ramps will arrange pay through the program. Hire the student directly at minimum wage or higher. Sponsor an intern with a charitable donation to On-Ramps to Careers.

Intern Skills

Our interns have a wide range of foundational knowledge and skills and would love to assist a mentor in their field.  Here's how they can apply that knowledge:



  • Set up and image new computers and devices

  • Install and truobleshoot computer hardware & software

  • Run diagnostic software


Cyber Security

  • Assist in testing network security

  • Assess compliance threats & access control

  • Prepare for CompTIA Security+ Certification


Digital Media

  • Develop media content using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign

  • Market content on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, SnapChat, and TikTok

  • Prepare for Adobe Certified Associate


Computer Programming

  • Basic Programming using HTML, CSS, Python, & Java

  • Design and develop simple mobile applications

  • Develop video games

  • Test software



  • Apply design process in problem solving

  • Support Computer Aided Design (CAD)

  • Learn about and support project management

  • Analyze and reverse engineer systems

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